the Shack

We are visiting our daughter for her birthday this weekend. I took the opportunity during the 4 hour car ride to finish this book I've been reading out loud to Shawn for a few weeks.
Before I say another word, let me say this: this book is a novel. It is certainly not intended to be a great theologically correct inductive study on anything. If you decide to read this book, realize that.
The main character of the book is Mack. And Mack is led to The Shack after a horrible tragedy in his life to have an encounter with God. God, who desperately loves Mack, shows His love in an incredible way, big and full.
Three things continue to stand out to me after reading this book.
1. My preconcieved idea of what the Lord looks like. I have one.
2. God's bountiful Love for ALL His Creation. It is HUGE.
and 3. The incredible power of reconciliation.


Heth said…
I keep hearing about this book. That's it. I'm going to read it.

Have a fun time and say hi to that daughter of yours for me.
Anonymous said…
Sounds interesting! sounds a little bit like one I read a number of years ago called "The Unseen Essential."
That one really put some skin on God for me!!!
melanie said…
it made me think differently about a few things... and sob..sob..

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