Things I never get enough of

I don't know why but I am a list maker. I have a habit of just making lists in my head! It's sometimes so dang annoying. But, ALL MORNING, I have been calculating this list in my head and I have to get it out or I will continue thinking about it!!

Things I never get enough of:

1. sleep. never. ever. ever. But it doesn't matter. Because even if I'm still tired, I wake up and I have to get up.
2. time. I want to do EVERYTHING. I have a zillion interests and I want to do them ALL. But, even if I were retired, I wouldn't be able to because I only have 24 hours in a day. Why can't people like me just have 36 hours in a day???
3. money. I wanted to buy so many things this past weekend but my husband kept taunting me with that blasted question... is it in the budget?? I hate the "B" word.
4. chocolate. I have to stop myself because it's just a really bad thing to get more of. so, I never get enough.
5. coffee. okay. well, I added this to the list... but there are times when I get enough. probably too much. which might contribute to the reason I always have so many lists floating in my head and I don't get enough sleep.
6. God. really, really, really. there are times I wish I could be transported into heaven and just be so full of God that all the other things are washed out completely. I can't describe this feeling in words. you have to feel that way in order to understand.
7. my girls. when they get along. cuz I do get enough of them when they don't. that's actually too much. but, when it's good, I want it to never end. with all of them.
8. my man. I don't mean that in the way you're thinking so stop it right now! The longer we are married, I honestly think there is absolutely NO couple in this world as much in love as we are.
9. laughter. I want to laugh about even the things that people don't find funny. Most days I find something to laugh about. I have to.
10. jolly rancher jelly beans. okay I admit. I added this one only because I didn't want to end on 9 and I happen to have some on my desk that I have been eating all morning. and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to stop myself before I have had enough.


I love this one! (I will probably steal your idea!) I'm a list loser drives me nuts! I also laugh at things that are sometimes innapropriate to laugh at :) makes life fun! My dog: it was my bro Jay's, we adopted him when he went to college, we love him...except when he barks, then I want to give him away :)
PJ said…
I have a book called "List Yourself" It's page after page of things to write lists about!! I love your list...actually, I'd agree with -- just about all of them. Just change girls to granddaughters and I'd just say "Amen" to your lists. (We're not related are we??? ROFL)
PJ said…
Oh, Yea...I don't like Jelly Beans. Sorry!
Heth said…
What about good pens? Pens didn't make your list?
So do you ever write you lists like this:

jelly beans

just wondering?
...that was suppose to read "your lists"
His Girl said…
as a fellow lister, I am on board with all of your 'never enough' things except, well... you know, the number 5 thing that we are not going to talk about...

you know, to preserve our friendship and all.

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