Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Well, we've made it five days and five nights so far with five extra kids. They are age 9, 7, 5, 4, 2. Today, five is the lucky number. There haven't been any major incidents, just the occasional meltdown when the barbie motorcycle hasn't been shared for 2 minutes, the ice doesn't make it to the cup in time, someone cut in line for the water slide, someone didn't get the blue cup, bedtime, you know, the usual kid stuff.

I'm a little rusty, considering my 4 kids are 21, 19, 16, 9. But, it's all coming back to me now... you know, like riding a bike.

The 4 year old and I had an interesting conversation.

4 yr old: "You're old?"

me: "what?"

4 yr old: "Is you old?"

me: "uh... no.... not really. why?"

4 yr old: "gramma says that when you get old, you get purple things on your legs"


I must be old.


Amie said...


me too then, I guess.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

too cute!

I am glad you are surviving. :)

jenni said...

Out of the mouths of babes! No worries lady... we all have purple thingys on our legs.

Nicole said...

aaah the sweet words from a 4 year old he told me Sunday that he might come to my house, but he does not think it would be fun.... thanks.

His Girl said...

ugh. old. when did that happen?

Judy said...

I can just hear those words come out of his mouth! He is SO funny! You are an awesome! Be blessed and have fun!

Heth said...

That kid. LOVE him.