Thursday, August 28, 2008

the simple woman

I stumbled across this site today (Thanks Chrysanthemama!)

The Simple Woman has a thing called the Simple Woman's Daybook. Goll darn it I couldn't get the image to load on this page but I really want to do it anyway.
For today, August 28, 2008...

Outside my a busy main street with lots of cars and noise. The last few days were cool in the evening but today brings with it the beginning of the indian summer heat.
I am thinking...I am not ready for fall and winter to come. I know it will come quickly and I am just not ready. This has been a year of change, and I would love to just have something...anything... stay the same.... at least for a while.
From the kitchen...we are cherishing the summer harvest in all of it's freshness. The neighbor brought over plump tomatoes, fat cucumbers, and ripe squash. I have vowed that next spring I will have them of my own to share with my friends and family.
I am comfy jeans and worn out striped tshirt, sandals with no socks and hair I have barely combed for days. It's so nice to have curly hair on weeks you just don't care about washing it.
I am addition to a book on marriage, I am stopping at the library on my way home today to pick up a book called "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" on the New York Best Seller list. I have high hopes based on the reviews I have read, but we'll see...
I am hoping...for God to do miracles in the things I have been praying for.
I am creating...dreaming of creating is more like it. The few flowers I have in pots around the house have suffered from the ill effects of my lack of watering skills lately, as well as the heat. I am dreaming of this weekend getting some fall foilage growing in those planters to bring new life into the drabness of them. This weekend, also, I am hoping to help my brave husband with our firepit in the backyard that got shoved to the back burner last weekend.
I am hearing...the roar of end of the day traffic signalling to me to stop writing in my blog and go home and feed my family.
Around the house...We are constantly coming up with excuses for not re-organizing our office that we started a month ago. I think it will take a miracle eto get us both motivated enough to do it.
One of my favorite things...lately is the public library. I have been devouring their fiction books as if I have never read fiction in my life. This summer, I have read nearly 9 books. Often I will go to the library, get a book, and finish it within 24 hours. I'm insane.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Since it is Thursday, that leaves me not much to plan right? Truthfully, I am so grateful lately to have very few plans for anything. My husband and I have been diligent lately about beginning the process of emptying our lives of extra-curricular activities and allow God to walk with us and talk to us... He has so much to say and we want to listen.
I am supposed to put a picture here to share with you, but I did that yesterday. So, I'm skipping that part.


Alene said...

Hey girl, I found you from Ann's blog. I love this post. I'll have to check out Simple Wife. I can definitely identify with your Around the House. Have a great day!

melanie said...

What a sweet post t- luv ya.

Heth said...

You have permission to skip the picture because "it's your blog and you can make whatever rules you want." So there.

I agree with Mel. A sweet post.

Amie said...

when I open my phone it says "Simplify". :)

What books?? I have wanted to start reading fiction, but am not brave enough to start one and realize it's a great polluter....then put it down and always wonder how that book ended. lol

Chrysanthemama said...

I agree with Heth! Great list by-the-way, and thank you for the linky. :)