Monday, August 17, 2009

this week

The countdown is on... three more days of summer vacation. School starts on Thursday. I have Wednesday off and want to spend one day doing something fun with the girls... even if it's just hanging out at home playing games.

Every year about school time, the weeks begin to pile and pile and pile with things. So, I'm bracing myself for the schedule.

Monday - I have to get into the garden tonight... I haven't stepped foot in there for days and it is surely time to harvest something! Nephew's 17th birthday. Note to self: get a card.

Tuesday - Natalie's Birthday (Happy Birthday Natalie!) - good excuse to go out for lunch eh?

Wednesday - open house to tour the school and church kids music night - Em's first performance with the worship team. - this is the day to do something - anything - fun

Thursday - school starts (I do love my kids, but it is almost as if there are little fireworks that will explode at 8:25am on this day)

Then, next week... it's choir parent meeting, school pictures, church volunteer meetings, dance practice.... whew... fall, here we come, ready or not.


Heth said...

Bring it on. It's time for the seasons to change. School always seems to come just in time.

Em will do so great singing. She really has a gift!

Natalie Joy said...

Thanks for lunch it has been a great birthday!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I feel the same way about August. Part of me wants to rejoice in the transition and the other part wants to throw a fit that summer is over.

I wish I could hear her sing...maybe she can come do a guest performance at a little church I know in New Hartford :)