Tuesday, August 25, 2009

corn, carrots, and crazy

First... Garden update:
Today is Tuesday, August 25 and this is what the garden is doing...
1. Overload on carrots. I discovered even though I THOUGHT I was thinning them out, I still didn't do it enough. I have a BUNCH of itty bitty carrots.... some big ones. But, all in all, they are just small due to the overcrowdedness.

2. Broccoli got some worms - luckily this was after we harvested the main heads and while I was COOKING the side shoots I had taken off, I discovered the littley measly creeps.... ew. That was gross.

3. Cauliflower - very interesting purple stuff. I may try this another year, but probably not next. Just too wierd and not as flavorful as I want.... plus...it's a lot of maintenance, which I am not about.

4. Beans are done. Beans Beans Beans. I like them...but will def not plant more than one package next year.

5. Green Peppers - TONS! Love em! Froze em! Ate em! Now we're waiting for the little ones to get big again... I should have about 15 or so more before the end of the season.

6. Anaheim peppers - they are a lot of fun, but I should only do one plant next year instead of 5. I only used them a couple times... gave the rest away. (Want some? let me know!)

7. Cilantro - gone to seed. darn it. I need to remember to plant that a little later next year to time it with the tomatoes and the peppers to make salsa.

8. Onions - gone...and we love them so much we really have to do a thousand next year.

9. Potatoes - these are officially the coveted harvest of the year. Don't ask me to share with you. I won't. They are so good.

10. Corn - Let's just say it's a sore subject. Have you ever heard of smut? ew. sick. gross. yuk. I bought some... and got some given to me... so we froze it and will still have plenty all summer.

11. Pumpkins - they are adorable.... but they are ripe. now. yep. I am not sure we can make it to October. I wanted to have a cute little pumpkin carving party with Em's friends in October. I wonder if anyone would mind doing it for labor day?

12. Tomatoes - I have gotten a few... am getting the grape and cherry tomatoes just how I like it...about a dozen a day. But, the others... are trickling in very slowly. Not very suitable for making sauce as I want to. SO many of them are still green... I might have to try Dad's Aunt Marge's fool-proof tomato ripening method. (after he tells me what it is)

In other news, my MIL came home from the hospital yesterday after 2 weeks of hospitalization. She is happy to be home, but is pretty weak. Tonight I'm taking them some supper - turkey and mashed potatoes (I love her so much I'm even sharing my prized potatoes) and sweet corn. Feels like Thanksgiving. Might as well, since Halloween pumpkin carving is already here too.


Amie said...

Glad to hear she is doing well. I am reading your post with my mouth watering. We skipped the garden this year, and I am regretting it! Farmer's market may have to be a close second this year...

mel said...

yummmmiiieee!! stink.. i missed iowa corn. you did so good on your garden, way to go!! walk through it barefoot for me k..?? :)

Nate said...

Awesome garden.