Monday, May 31, 2010


My mom has been visiting for a couple of weeks.  She goes home on Tuesday.  It has been fun having her here.  She’s not used to cold weather, so it’s a good thing it’s been 90 zillion degrees lately.

I love this lady.  Here are a few mom facts:

1. She’s terrible with technology. I mean ter ri ble.

2. She has a huge addiction to Dairy Queen ice cream every single night.

3. While visiting, she read the entire Twilight series in books – in 4 days.

4. She swears we will never see a gray hair on her head.  (they are all purple)

5. She loves lipstick and long fingernails.

6. She snores like a bear.

7. She can make some mean fried chicken.

8.  I noticed today that for an almost 70 year old woman, she has really nice legs. Dang girl. Why didn’t I get those legs?

Abbie Graduation 2010 042

Graduation 2010 241

She doesn’t like it when I take her picture.  But, I think she’s beautiful.


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melanie said...

Yeah for Tina's mommy, you are beautiful, Tina's right. :)