Sunday, July 25, 2010

These are the things I think about…

I was ironing my clothes today… and I used spray starch.  As I sprayed my pants, I realized I needed to add that to the Wal-mart list because it was almost gone.  I wondered how many people have never used spray starch before in their lives… or even ironed. 

Then, I started thinking about the movie “Hairspray” and how the mom (a fabulous role played by John Travolta by the way) ironed clothes for a living. 

And I wondered… what other things are the jobs of “yesteryear”.  Obsolete jobs that people just don’t do anymore?

The milkman, once a necessary job in the USA, is no longer.  The elevator operator…. I never understood why they had them.  Could people really not figure out how to operate an elevator?  The pony express rider…. I wonder how many people have a pony express rider in their family?  The telephone switchboard operator.  They weren’t around in my time, but I’ve heard it was quite a popular job for women.

And 50 years from today… in the year 2060, what will the obsolete jobs of today be? What things will people look back on and wonder why they ever paid someone to do that? Common jobs that lots of people do today…. receptionists? bank tellers? wal-mart greeters?

Yes folks….these are the things I think about….

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Lvly Rita said...

They are phasing out cashiers at all the grocery stores, Home Depot and even at Wal-mart with self-check out lanes.

Good observation, hadn't thought about it until now.