Friday, July 30, 2010

crazy things happen around here but this one is a record-breaker


I don’t know, but I think I might just have the only story this interesting in blogosphere. 

At about 1:30am this morning, we heard a loud boom.  I jolted up and said “WHAT WAS THAT?” Then said “Go check honey”.

We both kind of shook our heads and bit and tried to listen if it was storming. It sounded to me like someone slammed the garage door.

Shawn got up in his pjs and went out to the front of the house.  He walked over to the driveway and was wondering what he had heard.  All of the sudden, he heard some engine revving.  Poor Abbie… he instantly thought “What is ABBIE doing in the garage?”.  Then he saw the garage door was bowed out,


and he thought to himself “what did she run into the door?”.

As he peeked into the window this is what he saw:


Suddenly, cops, ambulance, paramedics, all flied into our yard and wandered over.  He ran over to the other side of the garage (the back side):


A young, extremely inebriated woman wandered out of our garage.  Shawn went over to her and asked if she was okay.  She replied, “I lost control of my truck and crashed into your garage”. 

As the night unfolded, we discovered that an EMT had just gotten off work and lived across the road.  He had gone upstairs to go to bed and was standing in the second story of his house looking out his bedroom window and saw the woman drive through our neighbors yard and take out two trees:


Then proceed to continue all the way across the yard to our garage, and barrel into it.


Coming to a stop in our garage.


Lucky for us, our car wasn’t in the garage tonight.  Unlucky for us, we had been set up to have a garage sale…. so LOTS and LOTS of other stuff WAS in there:




And now the wait begins.  Insurance adjuster, please come. We really need to clean up this mess.




Devoted Momma said...

Oh My Goodness. That's crazy Tina. Thank God nobody was hurt...Sorry for the mess that is left for ya'll to clean up! When will people learn to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE??

His Girl said...

(so late in catching up on blogs)