Monday, July 12, 2010


She won’t be mad at me for posting this picture of her on my blog.  Why? Because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know my blog exists… or even actually, what a blog is.  So, I’m going to take a chance and post a non-flattering picture of her on here. Besides, I think she looks beautiful even here.


This is Christine. (I almost edited out the shoulder but then realized it would take me a lot longer to figure out how to edit that than it would to write this entire post).

My earliest memories of her are on the playground in 6th grade at our elementary school.  That’s where we met.

Christine and I shared so much in life for so long.  We have a long list of “firsts” that we participated in each others lives.  First make-up, first boyfriend, first kiss, first fight, first trouble, first sneak out of the house….first lots of things.

Our lives have gone different directions, and we have our own families, in separate communities.  But, every now and then, we get together and check in.

How are you doing? How is the family? Is everyone healthy? Are you okay? Is your husband treating you well? Are you well? I love you! If anything ever happens – you know big stuff – I’ll be there for you!

This weekend, I got a call that Chris and her husband were travelling on their motorcycles and hit a deer.  They were in the hospital and that’s all I knew.  I panicked – took in some deep breaths – and rushed to the hospital.

Broken up a bit, but alive.  As soon as we saw each other, we cried.  And I prayed and thanked God she was alive.

Chris has a broken tibia and fibula.  She had surgery to put in a rod and some screws. Trent has a broken collar bone, broken rib, and crushed vertebra.  He had given Chris his leather jacket before the ride, and was just wearing short sleeves… so the nurses at the hospital spent 3 hours yesterday morning picking gravel out of his wounds.

They are quite a pair, in their separate rooms.  When the nurses come in, they usually ask about how each other are before they make their needs and requests known.  They got to spend a couple minutes together while I was there… with their morphine pumps and all.


Lord, thank you, for giving Chris and Trent more time on this earth.  Continue your work in their hearts, and lives.  Thank you for a deep friendship that time cannot erase.  Continue your work in our friendship.  You alone are the giver of life.  You alone get all the credit and glory for sparing their lives. I love You Lord.  And I trust that You have a plan and can work good out of even this situation.


His Girl said...

that really is a beautiful picture. praising God your friend is okay. must've been quite a scare.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

The pictures really are beautiful. Praying your prayer over them.

I love friendships like that.