Friday, December 31, 2010

The last post of 2010

All over the blogosphere, bloggers are recording their last thoughts of the year.  Resolutions…profound thoughts… things they regret…things they are proud of… things.

Me?  I sent one profound email out today and that was my quota for deep thoughts.  Personally, I’m ready for this year to be over with. Trust me…there were some amazing days, weeks in 2010.  My all time favorites:

1. Lindsey and Joe’s wedding.

2. Eily’s birth

3. Abbie’s graduation

4. being with my family

5. Milwaukee trip with my amazing man.

6. Two week visit from my mom.

7. My new car – It really needs a name.

And then there were these… ones that I would prefer didn’t happen:

1. Truck crash into garage

2. Christine’s motorcycle accident

3. Abbie moving to Trinidad – okay…so this one should make both the good and the bad lists.  Because it’s good and we know God is moving in her life in a lot of ways… we miss her and it’s a challenging call for her.

4. Shawn’s mother in hospital lots and now in nursing home.

5. Shawn’s dad’s Christmas Eve accident. (He fell off the roof and broke his foot and has been staying with us for a little bit here).


I almost didn’t even write these lists.  The joys are basically just celebrating life…and the sorrows… seem to pale in comparison to the struggles of other friends and family I know. 

But the one thing I know about 2010.  God uses it all.  Every moment.  The joys, the sorrows, the challenges….no matter how big or how small.  Our prayers do not go unheard…our hearts are not ignored.  He loves us. He knows us.  He uses all of this for His Glory.

Happy New Year friends!  May 2011 bring you once again, closer to the Creator of the Universe.


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