Que Sera Sera

I haven’t blogged in well, forever.  I’ve pretty much decided that life is “whatever will be will be”. 

So, a real quick catch up post, in list form.

1. I could win an award for the ugliest Christmas tree.  We might have time to decorate this ugly tree after the holidays.

2. I made the mistake of buying not-Starbucks coffee from the grocery store last week. Millstone. I can hardly stand to drink it.  I even doubled the amount of coffee grounds and it still taste like tea.

3. My husband bought me an early Christmas present. Christmas blend coffee and my new favorite coffee cup to match.  Apparently all that complaining about the coffee in #2 gave him a great idea. Thank the Lord for Starbucks.

4. Emily is in a Children’s Choir with the local college group and they are doing a Christmas concert.  I volunteered to help.  That means 3 hour practices all week this week, and their first concert 2.5 hours away on Friday. me + 2.5 hour bus ride + 40 kids = Saturday off.

5. I dug up my copycat recipe for Starbucks cranberry bliss bars.  Lindsey made them. I love her.

6. I’ve been experimenting with jibjab.com videos of my family lately.  It’s doggone hilarious.

7. I shopped on black Friday.  I guess what they mean by “black” is that the stores are in the black.  Not my checkbook.

8. It snowed here yesterday.  But, it didn’t accumulate to anything.  I dread winter. I have to come up with some sort of incentive to leave my house in the next four months or I may never leave.

9. We have a new grocery store opening here on December 8th.  It’s a new version of my favorite store.  I am trying to not buy a full week of groceries until the new store is open.  So, I’m trying to get creative with suppers and use up all the things that never get used… we may have some strange combinations of suppers in the next week. What can you make with leftover ham, ranch dressing, and black beans?

10. In the next week, we have 4 choir concerts, 2 dance recitals, play auditions, and a musical practice.  That’s one child folks. One child.

Until next time, que sera sera.


melanie said…
what- a new grocery store??? which one???? a girl leaves and a new mcds and a grocery store replaces her???
Ahh.. pretend i am there to steal your starbucks, i might feel the caffeine..

Love ya!

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