We baked

Well, I baked.

These little guys… I’ve made them twice now.  They are so addicting.


And these… I will never bake again.  They look good, but they are a pain.  The recipe says I should have gotten 48.  I got 36.  I hope they taste good because I was so mad at them I refused to eat them.


And then I did these. In my favorite raspberry.


I went to the thrift shop and picked up a bunch of little dishes for a quarter and fifty cents.  And I had some bags left over from last year.  And we made these:



And Emily and I are going to deliver them to some friends who are alone this holiday season.  And in between visits, we will pray for our friends who are alone.  Because Christmas isn’t joyful for some people.  Some people can’t wait for this season to be over.  And we hope to remind them… that Jesus loves them and cares about them.


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