Monday, August 01, 2005

email scams

would you like to win a free $100 gift certificate at Target?

who wouldn't!

then "click here" to answer our survey questions and register for your free gift certificate!

why does it get me every single time? why do i always fall for it? i am the sucker they never see. i fall for the ones that say "pass this on to 10 people and you will be emailed your texas roadhouse gift certificate". i am the one who always believes the honest comments of "i did this and it really worked! i got my $100 in the mail the next day!".

i fell for another one today. and, of course, one of the questions was "would you like us to send you a credit card with a $5000 limit". When i clicked no, i was sent to an "unavailable" page. next thing i know, i am on a list. i just know it. of course, because this was AFTER i had registered for the $100 target card. with my name, address, phone number... no, not social security number. i was born during the day but not yesterday.

i just read an article on identity theft. of course i wonder... when am i going to fall prey to that too? do you suppose they are reading my blog and targeting me next?

oh yeah, like anyone but heth the blog addict reads my blog.

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Heth said...

Hi. My name is Heth, and I'm addicted to blogs.