Sunday, August 07, 2005

muse apnea

I officially have writers block - otherwise known as "muse apnea". I'm told there is no cure. Some treatments do exist, but it always reappears at a later date, even if you do overcome your initial bout.

I thought about taking on a fictional persona and going that angle, but then, this is just a blog. So, I don't need to.

I talked to myself.. you know, to kind of get through it, but I just confused myself.

I thought I might pretend I was writing a letter, but it was hopeless too. I couldn't think of who I was writing to.

Some of the experts who teach you how to treat muse apnea suggest things such as talking to a stuffed animal to tell them what you are trying to say. I tried that too... it didn't work.

I think if I could go to a different location and write with some new surroundings I might find the right prescription. But, unfortunately, this is not a laptop computer.

So, I guess I decided to do whatever would work... the most effective tool here is this: lower my standards.

Stop trying to keep up with the bliggity blaggity blog and just write about writers block.

The reality is that I will have something to say as soon as I can't get to my computer.

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shra said...

tooo true.

this might inspire you though...go to