Sunday, August 28, 2005

Letterboxing - a fun family event!

What is letterboxing?
Duh... can't you tell from the title... a fun family event.
We went letterboxing today.
The idea is this - you create a stamp and a log book - preferably home made - and you follow a "treasure hunt" to find a box that has a log book and a stamp. You stamp your stamp into the logbook, and stamp the stamp from the box into your log book. We found it on the web. Apparently this hobby started in England and caught on in north america. There's a few in our area. We created a very crude family stamp out of wood just to check it out and see if we would like doing it. Of course when we got there, we found a hitchhiker right away and now we know we have to do it again to get rid of the hitchhiker!
Check it out - might be something you want to do!


iridium said...

Uh...hello...McFly???? 20th century??? GPS??? Geocaching?

Sorry, I am a jerk.

I should respect your family's wish to live like it's 1995.

j/k...sounds like fun. Really.

T said...

Yeah, we went geocaching too. We have TWO - YES TWO - GPSsss (you know, my overdoing it husband) However, it's still not as fun as letterboxing in my opinion. Try them both and rate them! I'd like to hear what you think. Really. I would. Not kidding. for real.

T said...


T said...