Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Random Thoughts

I can't think of a thing to write so I am going random today...

1. When am I ever going to get my desk completely cleaned off at work?
2. Why doesn't my coffee stay hot enough?
3. I hate insurance companies. They are so much work for me.
4. I'd really like to go home right now.
5. Wouldn't it be amazing if my kids just cleaned the whole house and made supper for me when I get home?
6. WHO in their right mind would want to live with four teenagers and a pre-adolescent? ME!
7. By the way, I LOVE my teenage girls. They are so much fun and they keep me young!
8. I told someone yesterday that I had 19-17-16-14-7 year old girls living in my house and they said "You don't look old enough".... I love that person a lot! :)
9. Tomorrow we are taking the day off and going to the WATER PARK. Whooo Hoooo!
10. I introduced Julia (our german exchange daughter) to Mountain Dew! :)


Heth said...

You really don't look old enough. And I'm not just kissing up. I saw you and Emily walking down main street the other day, you of course, looking adorable. You look like the mom of a seven year old, not a 19 year old.


my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

I agree, you do look really young. What's your secret?? LOL! Mountain Dew Rocks!!!

sodijety said...

I just hope I get the same comments when my kids are those ages. Then I would love that person too.