Monday, August 07, 2006


No update since July 25th.

Holy Calamity Scream Insanity!

We got our girl!

She came on Saturday, and we ALREADY LOVE her! She is so sweet. She is from Germany, and we have already taught her so many things about Germany that she didn't even know... like what is braunschweiger.

Her family is small - one older brother who lives in another city, so it's just her parents and her living in their home. Imagine what she must be thinking moving into this crazy insane home with all these GIRLS (six of us now with her!)!!!! ... uh...and then there's shawn. what a good sport.

We absolutly adore her and we're getting to know her quite well. She has a wonderful sense of humor. Shawn and I both feel like we just had another baby girl! She's a great addition to our family.

Tomorrow - we're off to the states largest amusement park! whoooo hooooo! And all the FRIED FOODS that American's are so well known for! mmmmmm mmmmm good!


Heth said...

She can't even beging to know how lucky she is. You guys will show her such a great time. She will never want to leave.

Heth said...

And because I can't spell OR proof read, another comment.

She can't even *begin*......

I'm a dork.

meLanie said...

she is adorable! she couldn't have a better family! praying it is an awesome year!