Friday, September 08, 2006

Evangelistic Dialogue between 7 year olds

I know that she has a great friend. My heart is heavy for the day they realize that their religious beliefs and backgrounds may have a severely profound effect on their friendship. I adore the beauty of their innocence and cringe at the thought of the world smacking them in the face one day.

T: Can you have a sleepover on Friday night?
E: No, we already have plans.
T: What plans?
E: I don’t know. How about Saturday?
T: I can’t. We have church right away in the morning.
E: So! You can go to second service.
T: what?
E: Second service.
T: Sacrament service?
E: second service.
T: sacrament service??
Mom: Maybe they don’t have two services at their church.
E: Do you have two services at your church?
T: (to her mom) Mom, do we have services at our church?
Mom: Yes.
T: yes, we have services at our church.
E: so you can go to second service.
T: sacrament service?
T: (to mom) Mom, what do we call service?
Mom: We call it sacrament service.
T: We have sacrament service.
E: My mom says we can’t play today because I have to clean my room, but you can come to church with me!
T: I already said I can’t.
E: No, not Sunday. TonighT!
T: What time?
E: We can pick you up.
T: (to Mom) Mom, can I go to church with her?
Mom: - parents like their kids to go to their own churches on Sundays
T: My mom said no.
E: NOT Sunday. Today! Tonight.
T: I have to clean my room too.
E: okay, you clean your room. You call me back when you’re finished and we can pick you up.
T: I’ll call you when I’m done.
E: No, wait. We’ll just pick you up. You don’t have to call.
T: Okay.


Natalie Joy said...

Was this an invite to Wednesday night church? Either Wed, or Sun. it is pretty funny trying to help little ones understand that "church" doesn't always mean the same thing to all people.

Danielle said...


amy flege said...

so funny!!! sounds like a few phone calls we have had here!