Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I always seem to get a little carried away when I pluck my eyebrows. I did it again tonight. I don't know why I don't just stop, but there is something strangely addicting to plucking your eyebrows.

After I completely harvested my impoverished eyebrows, I decided to read up on it. great timing I know. But, I found this little ditty. It's actually worth reading if you are an over-enthusiastic plucker like me!

If you're NOT -- and you prefer the natural look, your photo might show up here.


Heth said...

A quote from that article:
"The average number of days it takes for hair to fully grow back after being plucked from the thigh-121 days."

Good to know. Cause you know, I'm always plucking hairs off of my thighs.

That article made me feel like CRAP! Did you see all the how-not-to-do-it pictures. Yeah, they all look the same. That's it. I'm just going to have to have them professionally done from now on.

T said...

oh yeah, I know what you mean. The "how not to do it" is pretty much how I do it. The person that made the rule no plucking the top didn't see the fine little hairs that bush out the top of my eyes!

Beefy said...

How cute are you.

meLanie said...

ok so that's just too much info on eyebrows. i think that i think that i havn't ever even looked at mine, but i think that i probably will after thinking about them that much. cheers to the monobrow though!!

Danielle said...

Hmmm. From this picture, I think you have some room to pluck some more. heehee

Burt rocks!

Anonymous said...

That unibrow-photo-gallery is a riot!