Tuesday, September 19, 2006

random thoughts

Every now and then I just have to blab my random thoughts. They might not make any sense, but this is how my brain works...

I poured my coffee into a carafe this morning when I left for work, and didn't drink it all. That is what is getting me through the day today because I am looking forward to drinking it when I get home.

I was so thankful this morning for feet. It was awesome to me that God thought of making feet. That He realized how much we really needed feet.

This week in INSTE we had to make a list of all the sins listed in the Bible. It was shocking to realize how wretched I really am.

I have been humming Go-Go's songs all day.. You know, Go Go music really makes us dance, do watusi just give us a chance that's when we fall in line, cuz we got the beat, we got the beat we got the beat.... and I wonder to myself. Besides CHRIS, is there ANYONE in the world that knows all the words to the Beauty and the Beat album??? Give me a shout out will ya?

What does it mean when your seven year old daughter is playing Barbies and 10 of the Barbies are in jail because they were bad people and killing other kids???? Do I need to seek therapy for her?

And lastly, dreaming about this.


Heth said...

8.0 Mega Pixels. DANG! I'm dreaming of that too.

Natalie Joy said...

I don't know ALL the words to Beauty and the Beat, I was only like 8, but I know quite a few.

Feet are gooood.

And, therapy might not be a bad idea for you to look into, but I don't think the kid needs it. Just kidding.

Beefy said...

Ahh, 10 out of how many? I guess it's better than having them in the act of killing - at least she understands the *consequence* part of actions. That's the bright side.....out of how many? lol

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

You know I have her in my small group on Wenesday nights and she mentioned something about a knife and a pillow over a head or something.....NOOOOOO I'm kidding. LOL!! She's as sweet as can be. I can only imagine you in the kitchen bobbing your head and grabbing a broom as a microphone!! LOL! Your Awesome

meLanie said...

sweet camera! my lense keeps falling off on ours, could be from the time I dropped it on the floor?? Are you talking like the real beauty and the beast or disney? feet indeed are incredible. good insight.

Anonymous said...

So it's the Digital rebel you're dreaming of, eh? Good choice, Tina. You have my photographer stamp-of-approval.

Danielle said...

I wanna dance and I wanna drink coffee when I read this post!!!

Oh yes...and don't worry about the Barbies...I suppose it could be a phase!