Saturday, September 23, 2006


I read this blog today and had to listen to the music over and over and over again. I guess it's just one of those weeks of prayer. I listened and dreamed and prayed and thought over and over wondering WHO it was that kept praying for me during my teenage years - was it a teacher? a relative? a neighbor? a stranger? I wish I could thank them for their prayers. I wish I could thank them for believing in a God who loves me. Who cares about me. Cares enough to remind someone to pray for me.

And I thought of all the people that I have prayed for this week. God has brought so many people to my path, to my heart, to my mind, to my remembrance. The woman who has been separated from her huband, the one who hasn't spoken to her sisters in years, the one who has been abused by a loved one, the one who has bipolar disorder, the one who is complacent in her faith, the one who misses her child, the one who has come out of the hurftul relationship, the one who is lonely, the one who is lost. Truthfully, I have wept for so many hurting women this week. Not that I am holier than anyone else... God has just led me to a place this week where I (for once) have had the rare experience of taking my eyes off of myself and truly seen how incredibly valuable you all are to God. You matter to him. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You matter to God. You do. You matter.

Believe it because it is true.


amy flege said...

thanks for that tina!!!!!!

meLanie said...

you are such an incredible woman of God. Someday you will really see your impact. love you!

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

That was awsome thanks!!