Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I found this I AM at another blog and thought I'd do it. Everyone does the "I AM FROM" one and I really liked this one a lot... so here you go.

I Am
I am the baby born in San Jose to Jim Senior with a love for cool stereos, good music, and fast cars and Charlotte who drinks black coffee and has roses in the backyard where lizards climb the wall, who had three other children together and one other already and plenty of room for more love. I was born with my two front teeth popping out already. The baby of the family, and the spoiled one, says my siblings.

I am the child who played Barbies and hopscotch and neighborhood hide and seek yelling “Olly Olly Oxen Free”
Who loved Cinderella and daydreaming and riding bike and chasing the ice cream truck every Saturday afternoon while dad washed the car.
Who stored mom’s leftover makeup in my treasure box and pretended to be a teenager in the old abandoned car in the backyard.
Who dreamed of being the princess in a fairy tale and being swept off her feet by her night in shining armor and never thought she would ever be forgotten.
Who sat in the back of the VW Bug as dad drove screamin down the crooked street of San Francisco. Who loved French fries and dill pickles, and who was lovingly called Wiener.
Who lived through a divorce with a few scars and still chooses to honor
her father and mother and step-parents.

I am the teenager who loved Prince and the Go Gos, REO Speedwagon, Chicago, and went to a Quiet Riot Concert just for the experience.
Who slept in a single bed with my best friend every weekend at her house or mine even though we couldn’t fit and got in trouble countless times for sneaking out.
Who wore genie pants and leggings and oxford shirts and loved friendship pins and hated hated hated moths and bats.
Who borrowed friends clothes and put on makeup for hours.
Who had birthday overnighters and froze our bras and played spin the bottle truth or dare.
Who dreamed of being an opera singer and knew she would change the world.

I am the woman who fell in love with Jesus and then Shawn.
Who married the love of her life at the young age of 20.
Who loves her children immeasurably.
I am the one who still loves makeup and fussing with my hair, singing and dancing and writing long letters and notes and goes crazy if I have to draw a picture of anything.
Whose moments of perfect bliss come when drinking coffee with flavored creamer in the sunny warm kitchen in the wee hours of the morning while reading the Word of God.

I am the bookkeeper and organizer who desires neatness and organization and the volunteer who wants to serve.
I am the mom who loves to cook and wouldn’t touch a mushroom or fish if it were the last food on earth.. and who can’t make a piecrust to save my life.

I am the sister of Todd, Tammy, James, Jackie, and Cindy who each hold a special place in my heart like none can imagine. And the sister in law to Shera, Shelly, Shanda, whose friendships and love I treasure greatly. And the daughter-in-law of Barth and Marge, who I admire, respect, cherish.

I am the woman with a dry sense of humor and makes her family laugh with her dancing, who knows more silly songs than many others can claim to know.
I am the person who hides Your Word in My Heart so that I might not sin against You O Lord… and then still falls.

I am the woman who desperately desires to make a difference in lives and leave a long lasting legacy, and never lets go of the present and holds on to the past, in only a good way.
Who longs to learn to take breathtaking photos...and never forget the incredible memories and things God has done in my lifetime.

I am the person who dreams of walking the streets of Gold and asking God silly questions and is grateful for the grace and mercy and forgiveness of my Heavenly Father
and who stands in intense intercession for all of my earthly family and friends so they will join me as we hear thousands and thousands of angels singing
Holy is the Lord.


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You wonderfully designed and so easy to love!

Natalie Joy said...

Thanks for sharing, T.
I enjoyed picturing you (you kinda look like Haliegh in my mind)at each of these stages in your life. But most of all, I love thinking of you with that hot cup of coffee and the worn pages of the Word. Thanks for being a godly example for me to follow.