Friday, February 02, 2007

freezing cold happy soupy day

It's just fun to write oxymoron titles to my blog, that's all.

It's freezing cold out here... like REALLY FREEZING cold. Let me just say I talked to a friend today in California. The weather in Redding is around 49 and they are cold. I also spoke to my mother in the Phoenix area and she is really having a hard time because it was so rainy last week and cold every day -- and she would come home from work to take a hot shower every day and warm up. You know, being 45 and 50 and all. Today, though she said it should get up to around 60, which is "bearable".

The thermometer in my little corner of the world hasn't reached zero yet. And with the feels like about 26 below zero.

So, yeah, it's COLD. FREEZING COLD. It's even don't-go-outside-unless-you-have-to cold. Even our cat who likes to escape to the outdoors at every chance she gets isn't going outside. She tried. She ran out and then right back in. I think she thought she was going into the deep freeze.

So, yeah, you know it's cold when...

1. you don't use the dishwasher - you wash dishes by hand just so you can warm up.
2. it's been hours since you came home from anywhere and you still don't think to take off your coat.
3. your bank account has more cash than the temperature.
4. the pens in your purse won't write because the ink is frozen.
5. you keep your leftovers on the back deck
6. you can't leave your pop in the trunk of the car in the garage or it will burst all over
7. you can't tell if your nose is running or not.
8. you keep your furnace at 60 degrees and it's WARM and TOASTY in the house
9. you sit in the hot tub and when you get out your hair has ice in it.
10. your eyes tear up from the cold ..then start to freeze you have to blink rapidly in order to keep your eyes from freezing shut.

So, today... I'm making bean and ham soup and cornbread.... watching movies.... and wearing sweatpants in my nice warm house!

Happy Freezing Cold Happy Soupy Day!


Heth said...

seriously. I went to the grocery store today and I thought my face was going to shatter into a million pieces.

Your soup sounds yummy.

liese said...

I know what you mean.
I have talked to two other people besides myself who are making soup for the Super Bowl. Thats not normal!!!

meLanie said...

the bible never talks about people's snot freezing to their face. i think we have something wrong, we neeed to relocate!