Friday, February 09, 2007

quick post

Just so I can say I did, I'm blogging a quick note.

Just as the posts before say, this is our birthday season. Shawn's day on the 5th, sister Tammy on the 6th, Haleigh on the 12th, Emily the 24th,...then March... Lindsey the 3rd, Aunt Shera the 14th,... April... Gramma Marge the 7th, Abbie the 24th ...May... Shell Bell the 16th, me and Uncle Todd in June... it's like every week or two weeks we have a bday to celebrate. Whew!

So, I'm planning and organizing and budgeting (who am I kidding?)... Em is the only one right now who has a "kid Birthday". She has been talking for about a year (since Aunt Shera gave her the DRESS) that she wants to have a Chinese Birthday Party. I have learned a lot getting ready for this party... for starters, the Chinese New Year is a week Before, so I can get major clearance items for the party. :)

Tomorrow night we have gourmet club. A group of friends and us get together and eat basically.

We started it several years ago.... like in 2001 (wow! 6 years ago!). We got together more out of winter boredom than anything else. Whoever hosted the evening chose the country and made the main dish. The others did the sides, appetizers, desserts.... and we had to cook authentic food. Well, as authentic as you can get in this neck of the woods! Saffron doesn't come too easily around here.

Some people have card club... we just like to EAT.

After we did 24 countries, this year we switched it up a bit. We chose "ingredients". Last month, we had to each make a dish with coffee in it. It was GREAT! This month we are doing MINT. So, my minty side dishes are in the works!

Bon Appetit!


meLanie said...

mint. jr mints on kabobs. jr mint sanwiches. jr mint gumbo. jr mint chowder. jr mints and macaroni.
grilled mint burgers. mint soup. is it organic?? the panera i ate last night was...

Rona's Home Page said...

Lots of birthdays in our family too. My mom is on Valentine's Day, our son is the 26th and my niece is the 27th. Oh, my nephew is on the 12. Whew! Oh, and we love Valentine's Day.

amy flege said...

mmm that sounds yummy. let me know what you have besides junior mints!!!!