Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Tammy!

My sister Tammy celebrated her birthday today! I won't tell how old she is... in case she actually reads my blog. (You know...after I email her a copy of it and tell her she has to!)

Yes, Shawn's birthday yesterday ushers in a host of familial birthday celebrations around here. I see it this way... at least I have something to post!

If I had a scanner I'd scan the old photos of Tammy in the dresses my mom made for us when we were kids. Purple material, white gogo boots and all. We were top notch California Girls.

I have the most incredible memories of life with my sister. I remember sleeping with her when the "boogey man" was lurking around my dreams... and holding her hand tightly as she helped me get to sleep. I remember sharing secrets (shhhh! we still do.) and dreaming of our future together. I remember lots and lots of mischief as kids. Our teenage years brought lots and lots of fights. Tammy was a schoolyard scrapper. She was a dangerous fight...really. And she could pull hair out like it was corn husk on a cob. And bite. I've never met a more unfair fighter in all my life. pinch and bite and pull hair. You know... a good old fashioned girl fight. But, usually, it was because I "borrowed" her jeans or something like that. You know. Borrowed. Really.

As we have gotten older, and both gotten married, and life has had it's ups and downs... we have managed to stay connected somewhat even though we live many miles apart -- like on different sides of the country. I cherish the phone calls and the updates, and look forward to spending time with her when we can.

Happy Birthday Tammy Jean! I love and miss you!

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meLanie said...

Happy Birthday Tammy! Many blessings to you!