Thursday, February 01, 2007

sleep sleep wonderful sleep

I just thought I'd update for a second. I have been a little sicky lately. But, am feeling much better today! Well, I oughta! After my sleep escapade yesterday! --- Is escapade a word? Hang on...let me look...yep. here it is.

escapade: a reckless adventure or wild prank. an escape from confinement or restraint.

so... a sleep escapade would be a reckless adventure of sleep or an escape from reality (confinement) into sleep.

okay..yeah..that was me. I took my beloved Nyquil at 7pm on Tuesday night. I fell into an escapade of sleep at 8:15, which didn't end until 7am Wednesday. 11 hours of sleep STRAIGHT! Ah...but the escapade didn't end there. I got up... got the kids off to school... and went back to bed at 8:45am. Until 10am. Only an hour and 15 minutes but I thought it was enough. So, I got up... and decided to try to read. Only to find that I was sluggish know after only 13 hours of sleep in the past 14 and a half hours, a person sometimes just feels sluggish and tired. I kept falling asleep reading... so I did what any sleep deprived person would do.... I went back to bed. at 11am. I slept until 2pm. Then, I drug myself out of bed. Yes, I could have slept LONGER.

My first fear of course is that after 16 hours of sleeping I would have a hard time falling asleep Wednesday night. But, alas that was not a problem. I slept from 10pm to 7am -- and got 9 more hours!

So, all said... my sleep escapade lasted 36 hours. Of that 36 hours, only 10 of them were waking hours!


Sarah said...

WOW. That sounds really cool. How did you manage that?

Heth said...

That is like a dream come true. I'm so happy for you.

meLanie said...

i am thinking that sounds like a wonderful idea...