I'm leaving

I am leaving... I know I haven't mopped my floor in three weeks. I realize my bags are still packed from the last time I was gone. I also am fully aware of the fact that there are dance lessons, and musical practices, and dinners to make. I also know that I have two jobs that I can't really afford to take time off from.

But, my mom is in the hospital. She lives on the other side of the country and I am leaving tomorrow to be with her.

She's been ill for some time now, recovering from an ulcer surgery three weeks ago. But, the recent turn of events has been that she is bleeding internally and they aren't sure why. I have decided it's just time to go to her.

This morning as I was thinking about it all.. and praying for her... it struck me how important the family unit is to God. He designed it. He calls us his children, he is our father, family is important to God. As a matter of fact, He is the grand designer of the family unit.

And even though I have small children at home, and many responsibilities, this didn't take God by surprise. He is not caught off guard. And He is not powerless to bring strength and love during this season in our lives. This is a circumstance that was clearly in His plan...and I trust that He will make His spiritual strength available to me at this time.

My husband is a gem.... truly should win the husband of the year award for his tenderness and support to me.

I'll keep you all posted, as I have hijacked Shawn's laptop for the long trip! :)


Amy Flege said…
travel safely... prayers for your moms recovery and hugs to you!
Judy said…
Oh Tina, Bless you as you travel. I will pray for you and your Mom.
Heth said…
Love you Tina. We will miss you, praying for your mom, for you and for the whole fam.
Anonymous said…
I pray that time will stand still for you so that you can cover all the things that your heart wants during your time with family. May it be a very precious time, orchestrated by the Lord Himself.
Angela said…
You're right - family is all important to God and should be to us. Thanks for being a good example of making it a priority. We miss you and look forward to seeing you when you return.

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