Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mom Update

Well, here I am in Sunny Arizona. More like so-hot-i-can't-breathe Arizona.
They tell me that it's cooler now than it was before.

Mom lives in a retirement trailer park here in Arizona. okay...there's like a zillion of those so I'm not giving away my location to some internet stalker at all.

Things are going very well so far. I am happy to say that Mom is getting better every day. She got out of the hospital yesterday and we are taking very good care of her. Each day is an improvement and she has the best nurses in the world. My sister and me.

It turns out mom had a second ulcer that began to bleed. They clamped it off and gave us some yummy internal pictures. okay, not so yummy. that's a lie. After four days in the hospital and a very nice doctor, they released her to my sister and my care. It has been nice to have two of us here to keep each other crazy sane. We have a new diet, new medications, and a home health nurse to do the really bad stuff on the wound.

We have four doctor appointments next week and Tammy is leaving on Tuesday morning. So, I will have one more week here with mom before I go home. I hope that will be enough time to get her well and able to do more things for herself. Two very serious surgeries in one month is a lot for a 66 year old.

I have now discovered the public library. I hope each day to be able to utilize this nice facility to send news home to my family and friends. It is nice and air conditioned but probably the loudest library in the united states. yeah, pretty much is. yep.

Perhaps when I have time, IF I have time, I can give you all some nice cactus pictures and prove to you that it is very very hot indeed.

Have a super day!


momzie said...

So glad to hear that your mom is home. I'm praying that her healing is complete and that you stay rested and strong as well.
So is there a good coffee shop in the way to the library??

meLanie said...

love you hon, praying that all is going well. is the noise all of the retired people in the library??

Heth said...

Miss you.