Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick! Call an Ambulance!

I went on a bike ride with my 9 year old yesterday.

Okay... I will wait a minute while you gain your composure. You don't have to be so loud about it.

I had been promising her that we would go on a bike ride together for a few days. Why didn't I promise her a trip to Starbucks for a nice hot latte?

So, we ditched a few responsibilities and went on a bike ride. But, I didn't have a bike. So, I was going to walk. She said I could borrow Abbie's bike. Except Abbie has the bike seat from the land down under - you know what I mean. And my rear was not meant to sit on that tiny thing. But, I rode it anyway.

After we crossed the street, we started heading down the road and it was pretty nice for a couple minutes. Luckily, my dad lives 2 blocks away, so we had to stop there to say hi and to tell him that we are on a bike ride.

Then, we headed back on our bike ride. We left my dad's and there is a slight hill. Emily got tired just-in-the-nick-of-time so I had to walk with her. had to. It was for her protection.

My brother lives a block or two from my dad, so we decided to stop there and get air in the tires. You know, it is really dangerous to be out and about on a bike with less than 50 psi of air in those tires! I didn't want either of us to get injured. My brother needed a break and a quick chat anyway, so we were doing him a favor.

We left there and decided to ride our bikes to the school. And what luck. The school is one block from my brother's house. So, we rode to the school and sat in the butterfly garden where we ate our snack. We were exhausted! All that work, we needed that snack to get our energy back up.

We left the school and we headed home. It had been about 35 minutes already and it was time to go home! So, we went around the block and down another block... but we had to stop to walk our bikes across the main street again. You know... dangerous with all those cars. I had to tie my shoe. Then, we rode down a big hill.

After the big hill, we had a bit of a climb again, and Emily got tired again. So, I walked with her. Then, we got back on our bikes and rode all the way home. Except for the one little hill we walked up.

Next time - I will promise a movie or a trip to the mall - or a Dairy Queen cone.


Test said...

that is hilarious!

Sarah said...

This might be the best post I have EVER read!!!!!!! BEST!

I love that you had a snack! Did you pack the snack before you headed out!?!

I love you...did I mention you're the best?!?

naomi said...

you nerd!!!!

Diana said...

you are so hilarious!!! Here I thought by the title you got in SERIOUS trouble!!!

Beefy said...

How SWEET of you to stop and see all those people and help your daughter all others in need in the midst of your bikeride.

Emily will always remember times like that - go Mom!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh Girl! I know! I worked out at the gym this morning, swet for 1 hour. Came home shared a penut butter sandwich wiht my baby girl and "had" to lay down with her for her nap!
Shew! I am exhausted!
I am not brave enough for the bike!

Heth said...

Up next, Ragbrai.

ann said...

I love it! I sympathize with the bike seat thing. I took Tyler's bike out for a ride while Heth ran last summer on vacation. Man oh man, that was uncomfortable.

His Girl said...

I love this post so much I can't even tell you. so so so funny!

momzie said...

I would love to see a video of this event. Charlie Chapman style with words in between scenes. Great post! Now go out and buy a gel seat for that bike!