Sunday, May 11, 2008

my mother

Mother's Day is here... and my mother deserves a medal of honor this year. She really does. There have been so many changes she has experienced in the past year,... since the last mother's day.

Last fall, she had a perforated ulcer and had to have surgery twice in less than two months time. She was very ill, and nearly died. My sister stayed with her for a couple weeks and then I went to stay with her for a couple of weeks and helped her get healthy. Thank God she is fully recovered from that scary illness.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom retired. After working for probably nearly 50 years, sometimes at two or three jobs, she has officially retired. I so want her to enjoy herself and relax, drink an ice tea, and enjoy herself. She has worked very hard her whole life.

Even though I've been out of the "house" for 22 years or more, there are a few things I remember about my mom that always make me smile.

1. polyester - my mom is the queen of poly. seriously. she wore it in the 70s when it was popular, in the 80s when it was not, in the 90s when it was not, and in the 00s when it was not. basically, because I don't think it ever came back did it? Her favorite is the polyester white pants. Classic look for my mom. I love her for her polyester.

2. purple hair - much like today, she liked to dye her hair often. She died it all kinds of colors all the time, so we have a bunch of photos of her with differing hair colors in a boufont hair-do. But, in the 70's and even the 80's, hairdye wasn't as sophisticated as it is now. So, she would occasionally end up with purple hair. any hairdressers out there that can explain this phenomenon?

3. people. she loves people. any people. any people. any. she would always have someone to "help". My brothers had lots of friends in school who called her mom and would practically live at our house when I was growing up. A few years ago, we went to visit her and we arrived at her place late at night with the kids after a long car ride. She escorted us to our beds and told us to be "quiet" because there was a man sleeping on the back porch. A homeless guy they had met and felt sorry for, so they helped him get a job, and let him sleep on the porch. ?

4. dogs. my mom loves dogs. sometimes I think she thinks they are people. she doesn't mind them licking her and sleeping with her. when I was there last year, she had just acquired a mini-daschund from one of the people she was helping (see #3) because the dog didn't have a home to go to. She has three dogs. Hobie, Sissy, and Annie, are all part of her family...and i think they will probably be the only ones mentioned in her will. :)

5. lipstick. my mother taught me about lipstick. Things like "never go out of the house without lipstick", and "if you wear no other makeup, put on some lipstick". She always wore bright pink lipstick, which has caused me to hate that color I think... but I do love lipstick. hehe.

6. snoring. she can snore like a bear. not. kidding.

I inherited the best and worst parts of my mom. I proudly love people. all kinds of people. no matter what their background or history. I like dogs. not love. like. But, no way would I want 3 or 4 of them. I love lipstick. All makeup actually. I hope I never have to have purple hair or wear polyester, but I suspect my kids will say the same thing about me and my tank tops and button up shirts someday. I also recieved her horrible feet, pear shaped body, big hair, and love for a good novel.

Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Call me a big dork...but since I was about 10, I've been looking forward to the day that I grow old and get to have purple hair. I am sure your mom totally rocks purple hair :)

Happy Mom's Day to you and your mom!!

melanie said...

you do love people. i think that is such an amazing quality in you, you have a way of meeting people where they are and sincerely showing them you understand. she must be pretty amazing to have such an awesome daugher, whom i love to pieces. did i mention you are amazing??

Heth said...

When I read this, I could totally hear you saying all of it. This post sounded like you were talking. I love all of the things you remember about growing up and your mom. Polyester? *shiver*

Sweet, sweet post Tina.

Diana said...

Hope your Mom has a happy retirement filled with lots of fun stuff! Hey, Molly would love the purple hair thing!

momzie said...

You are absolutely number three and it's one of the things I admire most about you. I agree with Hez, I can hear you talkin'! What a GREAT post and I wish we could all meet your mom. I know she would like us!

His Girl said...

such a fun post! love,love,love honest tributes to people we love! great job!

Tina said...

my mom is coming to visit this weekend. maybe you can all meet her then!