Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sing your heart out

Abbers sang "No One" at the Pops Show at her school last week. She did a fabulous job. I was a proud mama.

It was sweet because we went back the next show on Saturday and I was walking in behind some other girls and conversation went something like this:

Girl #1: Is it different songs tonight or the same ones?
Girl #2: Different ones.
Girl #1: So, is Abbie singing No One again?
Girl #2: No
Girls #1: Oh bummer!! That was awesome.

I love it when people say nice things behind your back.

Photo, by the way, is courtesy of Momzie. Thank you!

I did actually take photos. It's a pretty funny story. Before the show, they made a big deal about "No Flash Photography" and so I turned the flash off the digital camera to take a picture. But, I didn't do it right, so right in the middle of her song, a huge flash went off and everyone. Really. EVERYONE. gasped around the auditorium. I threw the camera at Shanda and said "SHANDA!!" pretending she did it.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I am laughing my butt off, because I can TOTALLY see you throwing the camera at Shanda!!!

Abbie is a mini-you! Gorgeous.

melanie said...

I wish I could of heard it. She has the most amazing voice and Sarah is right, you both are gorgeous.
Did you hurt Shanda??

Judy said...

THAT is hilarious! Poor Shanda! That darlin of yours made me one awesome sundae last night! I'm picky too because I worked at DQ when I was a kid!

ann said...

Way to go Abbie!

Beefy said...

It can't be Tina's fault, everyone knows that - she should have been expecting a camera to just drop into her lap.

Angela said...

That is an awesome story.

Man, I wish we had been in town last weekend! I love that song, and I would have loved to hear her. We'll just have to have a personal concert sometime.

Heth said...


Hilarious about the flash, you rule breaker you.

momzie said...

You are so right, even if you are the mom- it was fabulous! And I saw that flash!! I'm over there taking low-light photos thinking I'm flying under the radar and then realize that everytime I focus, the camera is shooting out a little light to get a reading...ooops! What can we say- we're the Mommaratizi!

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

I went on the wrong night...Lauren said it was fabulous and she was so proud of her.

Way to go Abbie!

Diana said...

Ok. so I opened a google account-no blog yet, but i'm taking baby steps...

Diana said...

TO MOMZIE: Mommaratzi, lol, so when it's the grandkids is it Grandmaratzi?