Thursday, October 02, 2008

Costa Rica or Rome?

Emily is doing a project at school - it's a "travel brochure" and she is the travel agent. She was trying to decide whether to do Costa Rica or Rome. I really wanted her to do Rome, because of all the places in the world, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy.

So, here is the conversation that occurred yesterday on this matter:

Me: Did you decide what your travel destination is going to be?

Emily: Yep! I'm doing Costa Rica!

Me: Oh yeah? What made you decide Costa Rica rather than a romatic interesting place like Rome? (what? I was not saying it like that!)

Emily: Well, I decided that I would do Costa Rica cuz dad said we have a friend or a relative or something there.

Me: Really? Dad said we have a relative or friend in Costa Rica? I didn't know that... I don't know any relative in Costa Rica.

Emily: Dad said we do. He knows someone there.

My brain regressed to a conversation I semi-heard the other day between them on this subject.

Me: Did Dad say who this person was?

Emily: I don't remember his name.

Me: Did Dad happen to say his name was TOBY?

Emily: YEAH! That's it! That's the guy he knows in Costa Rica.

Some of you understand the significance of this name. Some of you do not. Those that do not... Toby is a fictional character on THE OFFICE on Thursday nights who moved to Costa Rica at the end of the last season.


momzie said...

I love it! There's that fuzzy line between real people and the people that we hang out with on the tv. I have a few of those. The guy that just went home on Biggest Loser- I want to have him over sometime for dinner. I even wish I could send him a card and tell him I was cheering him on and how ok it is to be so emotional. He's one of my new "friends".!

Heth said...

I saw the note about this project. Are we supposed to be actually working on that at home? Oops.

ann said...

That is too funny!

Amie said...

LOL! A friend of a friend..... Too. Funny.

Diane said...

So many people seem to LOVE The Office...maybe I should check it out!

I stopped by today to invite you to visit my post today regarding Foster Care. When I have posted before regarding this topic, your compassionate spirit touched my heart! I'm excited to be part of the Blog Tour announcing Margaret Iuculano's new release, My God Box.

Give it a look see when you can.

:) Diane