Thursday, October 09, 2008

3 things

Three things that I love. Yes, these three are delicious.

1. a brisk fall morning

2. a steamy hot cup of coffee

3. waking up at 4am and realizing there are 3 more hours to sleep


Heth said...

#4. Pumpkin bars.

Yes, #3 is awesome. There is nothing better than waking up and realizing it is way earlier than you thought it was and that you get MORE SLEEP! One of the precious commodities in the world.

melanie said...

Abbie and i found a lack of #3 and and excess of #1 today.. followed by lots and lots of #2..:)

nicole said...

um Mel, I hope by all the #1 and #2 talk you are referring to Tina's post and not your effors in potty training A? ha ha my #4 is warm snuggly socks..LOVE THEM!!

Anonymous said...

Right on!!! those are my 3 favorites!!

Anonymous said...

I love when I can get more sleep!