Thursday, October 23, 2008


I love Autumn
We turned on our furnace yesterday.
We try to be the last one we know to turn it on... showing all our friends and families how tough we are. As if heating your entire house with a gas fireplace every morning and evening is the logo for being tough.
I love the colors of autumn.
I love the baptism of soup into our diet.
I love that we have no trees in our yard to rake so we have to go to my brother's house to see them.

Today, I'm thinking of Melanie and wondering what reminds her of her brother Craig in the autumn. She loved him and he's in heaven now. But, I know there are lots of things that cause her heart to ache when she thinks of him.

Who in your life is missing a family member in the fall?
Have you prayed for them today?
Call them - email them - let them know that you are thinking about their grief.
And don't be afraid. To cry with them.


Heth said...

You guys ARE tough. I can't believe you haven't turned it on until now. Been wearing thermal underwear or something?

Thinking of you Melanie.

Deb/Mom said...

What a beautiful post.
I also am thinking of you Melanie I wish I could see you and give you a hug. I am thinking of my Grandma Miller today she was about 4' tall and just loved the outdoors. Deb Canfield

melanie said...

You don't even know, can't even comprehend how amazing that you are. I love you my friend.

Hollie said...

Cute post and picture! I love this time of the year!