Monday, January 12, 2009

early out and other nonsense

We have a blizzard coming. As if that is something new around here these days. I was thinking this morning how the first blizzard of the season is always fun or exciting or interesting. But, by now, it's bo-ring.

The best part about a blizzard is that everything is cancelled. School gets out early (like ... 2 hours after they start), I leave work early, dance class is cancelled, I go home and make soup and sit by the fire and read while the kids play playstation and the storm blasts through.

Next week this time, I'll be headed to the big city of Las Vegas for a week. I don't mind if it blizzards here while I'm gone, as long as it waits until we leave. This week it's in the 60's and sunny in Las Vegas. I hope it's the same next week. I could use a little warm sun. I'll be sure to post some sunny fun pictures while I'm there to taunt those of you left here in the cold.

Today officially starts the 100 day diet challenge. AKA biggest loser your town. blech. I hate dieting, which is why I don't normally do it. But, I am committed to it, or to at least start to do it. It won't be much fun when I'm on a trip next week, but I don't think there are any fat people in Las Vegas, so I might be more motivated there. I'm just sayin... The good news. I'm off to a great start. I exercised twice last week, which is about double my 2007 totals. It's quite a sight to see me exercise though. One that you will never. get. to. see. Because THAT my dear is something I do only in the privacy of my own home with nobody around.

Another minor miracle today ---- I am making fish for supper. Thought I'd get all the really ugly parts of dieting out there in one day. I hate fish. And I only eat it when I have to. Who knows,... maybe over the next 100 days, I'll learn to like fish. doubt it. But, in the meantime, at least for tonight, my husband will be happy. He likes fish. The rest of us will suffer.

Have a happy snow day!


Amie said...

Happy Snow Day! Soup sounds great!! Good luck on the diet - I hope you win the biggest loser contest - what a fun idea. :)

melanie said...

just so you know i am completely sacrificing for everyone elses sake.
have lots and lots of fun in las vegas!!!

His Girl said...

just a note to let you know I'm of course praying for your diet and your trip and your aversion to fish.


Heth said...

#1. Fish is gross.
#2. Happy warm weather to you.
#3. Our kids are going to be going to school until August if this keeps up.