Thursday, January 22, 2009

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We're still at Disneyland Las Vegas.  Okay pause right there that wasn't fair.  It's more like Hugh Hefner's version of Disneyland.

Anyway, I hate to disappoint anyone, but we haven't really seen much of Vegas outside of our own hotel and the Mirage across the street to catch the bus to the convention center. Although I have this NEED to go to Sephora that I walk by Taunting me like a chocolate donut.

We are like... seriously... the OPPOSITE of what this place wants to attract.  I couldn't believe it when the I.T guy at this largest hotel in the world told me that only 17% of their guests use the internet... .and THAT is why we don't have wireless in our room yet.  Apparently the other part of the hotel does but not here.

I mean, get this... here we are... the big city of Las Vegas.... and last night do you know what we did?  We stayed in our room and watched the Season 5 Premiere of LOST.  And the worst part - we FELL ASLEEP before it was over. wow.

AND we didn't even go eat supper.  We snacked on beef jerky and cookies that we had in our room because we were so tired.

But, tonight.... our last night in Las Vegas.... we might venture around the corner and check out some of the other hotels.  They are all so beautiful. 

But, as I said...we are here for the International Builders Show.  And the show has not disappointed us yet.  We had a very moving speech from Lou Holtz....


We had a live feed on the big screens of the Inauguration.  Don't mind the shadows of the heads in front of me on the picture...


AND we toured the NEW AMERICAN HOME --- wowzer!  I won't try to post every picture I took of this home.  It. was. fantastic. I was ready to move in.  The builder didn't disclose the price the home sold for... I'm sure it was a zillion.  The top photo is of the outside of the home.  This next one is the bed in the Zen Garden just outside the master bedroom.  The one beneath that is the outside garden and the last one is the coolest dining room ever.


IMG_3146 IMG_3223

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Heth said...

A bed outside? Fun. And chilly? At least in Iowa.

melanie said...

that'd be awesome- the bed.. i could live there. in the house and in the weather. church plants in las vegas???