Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year

I love January. Have I said that before?
Really... as I flipped the calendar to the new year, I realized it's empty. Empty. Empty. Empty.
Why is that so exciting to me?

When most of our lives are so busy and crazy, it's so wonderful to have an empty calendar.

Now don't get me wrong. It will begin to fill up. But, there is something about January that a lot of people do not really get too crazy with on events. I think it has something to do with snow and ice. But, I'll take it.

The last week has been spent at our house staying up way too late singing karoke on the ps2. The girls all went back to school on Saturday. Shawn and I went to a wedding Saturday afternoon and then to church Saturday night. And then there was Sunday.

This week, Abbs kind of got stuck at a friends on Saturday night due to bad ice. Emily got stuck at Grammas. So, Shawn and I were home alone. Alone. All day long. We cleaned the house, listened to music, ate bagels, and read our Bibles. It was so quiet. and strange. and lovely.

I love January.


Amie said...

That sounds like it was the best!! :) There is something about January. Good call.

Heth said...

Ooooh, how wonderful, a day alone together!

momzie said...

We loved having Abbie stuck here. She's so much fun, just like her momma. (and dad, too.)

ann said...

I am so jealous! A whole day alone with your husband YAY!