Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What happens in Vegas.... stays in Vegas


We got bored with just the scenery pictures so I made him stand by the one of the fountains in the pool garden area.


This is the entrance to the hotel. 


This is not the main hotel lobby... but the lobby to the area we are staying in

There is so much happening in Vegas this week it makes me tired.  We are not your typical Vegas visitors either by the way.  We're here for a convention, but we try to eat dinner early and get to our hotel room before the kooks come out. 

It was a bit frustrating the first couple of days.  We arrived on Monday and our hotel room doesn't have wireless Internet.  It's amazing to me that anywhere doesn't have wireless Internet.  Especially in Vegas... I mean, who would of thought. 

So, with a little IT help, we're up and running now.

We're staying at - upon check in, the hotel desk clerk informed us that this hotel has around 7000 rooms and is the largest hotel in the world.  Now, it wasn't our intention to stay at such a famous place...but we're glad it worked out that way.

The Venetian is simply a gorgeous hotel. It may very well be the closest thing I ever get to Italy, so I'm soaking it up.


Gondola at the Venetian


Walkway at the Venetian


Venetian tower.  I cannot even begin to imagine how tall this building is.  Just one of many at the Venetian.

We're here for the International Builders Show... which is a whole nother thousand posts.  Having a great time in the 67 degree weather when we know at home it is only 18.

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Heth said...

No wireless? Are you kidding me? What kind of a place is that old Venetian anyways?

Glad you are having fun. Miss you!

Amie said...

That absolutely rocks. Kooks - crack me up. :) Glad you are having a great time!!!

His Girl said...

We were there not too long ago and took some rad photos at the Venetian. Ahhh Vegas. Such a peculiar place.

Wish someone would build something like it where nobody's nekkid, smoking, gambling, or drinking.

oh, I think that's called Disneyland ;)