Monday, July 20, 2009

We're back...

We're back from vacation and it was a great time.

1. I washed my hair after just 3 days. Couldn't take it. But, you'll be proud to know that I haven't combed or brushed it yet. I really did quit that.

2. We visited a waterfall and a glass church. It was all pretty cool. But, the best part was spending time with the friends we adore. Miss you guys already!!

3. When I got back, the Japanese beetles moved in to the garden and munched on my plants! I decided to wage war with pesticide. I'm gaining ground.

4. Having a bra party next week and you're all ---- should I clarify women only --- invited. (not you Nate)

5. Returned from vacation at 90 degree weather to 60 degrees! In the evening it's even been below 50!!! Happy to report that this week should be in the 70s most of the week.

6. Harvested tons of green beans and my very FIRST RED TOMATO of the season!! We ate it faster than my camera or I'd have a photo to share with you!

That's all for now.


Heth said...

I may have more tomatoes on my plants than you but mine are all green. Your garden is gorgeous, even more gorgeous in person.

Glad you had a fun vacation.

mel said...

darn buggies!!!! miss you tons!

ann said...

So glad you had a wonderful time! I love garden veggies. My father-in-law grows beans and peas and I stand right out there and gobble them down, right off the plants. Love em.

Angela said...

You got a tomato already?!? Jealous. I can't wait!

Glad you had fun. Glad your home. I like you being here.