Friday, July 10, 2009

the day I quit washing and combing my hair


Today is the day.  It is so rainy and yukky out that I give up.  My entire life I have wanted to NOT have curly hair.  So, I attempt to straighten it and make it look decent and manageable most days.  If I try to wash and/or comb my hair on any type of humid wet or otherwise somewhat unfavorable day, it does what it wants.  So, today, I quit.

As of today, I will not wash my hair.... we're headed south for a week of vacation and I am determined to come back with dreadlocks. 

By the way, I wore green for this picture in honor of the first cucumbers I picked from my garden today!!! WHOO HOO!

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I quit washing my hair


Shan said...

Your hair looks super bright in this picture! And those cucumbers are delicious! And have fun in Arkansas

Tina said...

I know isn't that funny? It's like super bright red. the flash made it look that way. but, seriously, I'm doing it. Going as long as I can without washing and combing. I'm going to be just like Shanda and Abbie!

Heth said...

You are SO PRETTY! I love this picture. Have a fun trip, happy low maintenance hair to you!

Ang said...

I hate cucumbers, but you look fabulous in that green!

Miss ya. I hope you're having fun. I can't wait to see you!

amy flege said...

i sooo wish i had a some of your beautiful curls!!! ewww i bet your head felt gross after so many days of no washing!!!