Friday, July 31, 2009

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately... it started with a small, teensy tiny scratchy throat... and exploded in a couple of days to a full on headache, plugged ears, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, deathly sore throat, coughing, aching, fever, so you can't sleep virus.

But, I'm happy to announce...that today, I'm starting to feel better. After two nights of mucinex, tylenol PM, advil liquigels, and Vitamin C - its beginning to subside.

Now about the house and garden that has been neglected all week.... I'll get to that eventually this weekend.

This morning, I looked out my window from the kitchen table and I think - think - think - eyes please do not deceive me - that I see some red things around the tomato plants. See here's the deal.... Earlier this week, I went out to the garden and saw that the tomato plants had a few green tomatoes on them... green green green. But, the lower section of the plants were buried with dying leaves from blight and septoria - oh I hate to admit they have been neglected as I've been harvesting loads of beans and brocolli and lettuce.

So, I hacked them. Took off all the dead parts... using the justification that the plant was working so hard to save the dying leaves that it saved no energy for the tomatoes.

There is something about me and pruning... I have a tendency to get carried away. I was worried I had this time too. But, it MIGHT be that I have opened up the plant a bit to get some sunlight to turn red. So, tonight... after work, I shall see...

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