Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Although I do think it would make a beautiful girls name, Septoria is not my friend. I do not like her. July is the month to watch for pests and diseases in the garden and our first culprit is Septoria Leaf Spot on my tomatoes.

Septoria is one of the common fungal diseases in tomatoes. The other being blight. They usually become more severe after blossom set and develop on the older leaves or the ones near the ground first. Although the rainy weather we have been enjoying is great for watering the garden, it is also great for these kinds of diseases. Although they can... they don't usually kill the plants. But, disease significantly decreases the production of fruit.
My method of control: Daconil. Although pesticides are controversial among gardeners, I guess I prefer the prescriptive route rather than taking my chances. So, today begins the Daconil treatments. Every week for a month, I will apply Daconil to my tomato plants to get rid of good old Septoria. As a side note, Daconil also is being used in my front garden today on my roses. They have some fungus on them. And since this is the first time I've really successfully grown roses, it has got to go!

In other garden news, the pumpkins are adapting quite nicely to their new cage.

The broccoli is beginning to show signs that we might actually get to eat some this year.

The tomatoes that weren't behaving in their cages got a little handcuffing with these handy rubber ties I picked up at the local farmers market.

And the Zinnias... by the time we get back from vacation, these little beauties will be in full bloom.

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Heth said...

Your blog is inspiring and educational. I've got some of that septoria over here too. Dadgumit. Your garden is looking fantabulous.