Tuesday, April 06, 2010

11 Days

I intended to bake some cakes tonight.

I didn't.  Instead, I worked 10 hours, ate supper, went to my youngest's dance class and watched LOST.

I did, however, accomplish one thing wedding-related in between dance and Lost.  I tied ribbon onto the vases and cut the tulle for the centerpieces.  I just tell myself that I just have to do one thing each day.

If only the rest of my family would tell themselves that same thing.

I'm afraid of next week.  I'm pretty sure I'll have some sort of breakdown.  Freak out at someone and throw mud or some crazy thing.

I semi sort of did that tonight.  You see...before all this wedding business started, I had decided that before spring, I would go ahead and clean out the storage rooms in the basement.  So, I pulled everything out and was slowly organizing it.  Tonight, I made my family shove it all back in the storage rooms.  I announced to them that I wanted a new family... one that doesn't keep all that stupid stuff.

If the weather would cooperate and quit raining, I'd try to paint the other zillion branches in the garage.

I wonder who can really appreciate what it means to be me today. Can you feel the tension rising in this blog? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was all "not stressed"?

What can I say? Just being real.

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I don't think you get to call yourself mother of the bride if you don't freak out at LEAST a time...or two ;)

Natalie Joy said...

You are doing great! You and Linds both have the right to have a total meltdown at least once! That is your perogotive.
Just remember it really will all get done and the stuff that doesn't probably didn't matter in the first place. Love you! Take lots of pics so I don't feel like I missed too much.

melanie said...

i love you....

Heth said...

Branches would be a good thing to throw at someone.

Just an idea.