Tuesday, April 11, 2006

School Lunch

Last Friday, I ate lunch with Em at school.
Any parent who hasn’t eaten lunch with their kid at school, I highly recommend you try it once.
It’s a blast.

In our school, when a kid has a “guest”, they get to sit at a “special table”.
AND… they get to choose one or two kids to sit there too.
The two kids we got to sit with both had cold lunch.
So, the entire conversation at lunch was about their lunches, and how they got to make them all by themselves!
After school, Em came home. As soon as she walked in the door she started digging out her lunch box.

E: “I’m going to make a cold lunch for tomorrow”
Me: “Em, you don’t have school tomorrow”
E: “But, I want to take a cold lunch”
Me: “okay, make a lunch and you can eat it tomorrow”
As she was putting things together from the fridge and cupboard, she came in to the living room to find me.

E: “Mom, can you find something to keep this cold in my lunch?”
Me: “Em, you can’t put a popsicle in there. It’ll melt and make a mess”

Our weekend came and went. Whew! It was busy!
On Monday morning, I took the kids to school and went to work.
At 10:30am I got a call.
T: “Em’s mom?”Me: “Yes.”
T: “This is Emily’s teacher. Was Emily supposed to have cold lunch today?”
Me: “uh… I don’t think so”
T: “You didn’t talk about that this morning?”Me: “no… we didn’t.”
T: “She’s right here, would you like to talk to her?”
Me: “Yeah, that’d be great!”

Suddenly, I remember the lunch from Friday.
Em gets on the phone. I could tell she was a little sad.

Me: “Hi Honey! Did you want the lunch you MADE?”
E: “Yeah!” -- somewhat happier now.
Me: “Okay,… uh… where is it?”
E: “In my room”
Me: “okay, I’ll go home and get it and bring it to you”.

The whole way home, I was worried about the popsicle. And what in the world is really in her lunch? What would I find?

I found the lunchbox in her room. Scared to find a melted popsicle, I carefully opened it over the sink.

The contents:
1 banana
1 small baggie of sunflower seeds
1 juice box
1 package of breath mints

Needless to say, I added to the lunch before I took it to her at school!


meLanie said...

em that is too cute. my kids dream of lunch boxes since i am a mean mom and make them stay at home. they will probably carry them with to college!
last year josh thought he was the coolest though when he got to sit at the special table, big stuff!

Heth said...

She did a pretty good job! Nothing perishable, way to go Emily!

Beefy said...

Breath mints? That's hilarious!!! It is definately a riot to sit and listen to all the kids - I was AMAZED at how quickly they have to scarf their food down. Holy cow - I couldn't even finish the hot lunch in the allowed time!

Angela said...

That's adorable!! I have gone to eat lunch with the kids at school; I agree that it's a total blast. I should go again soon.

moe said...

My kids get to chose 2 hot lunches each a month. That's what we can afford. The rest of the time they make their own lunch. They are 8 & 6. My son's favorite is ham on a hamburger bun. It's a HAMburger -get it Ha Ha Ha that always cracks him up. My daughter prefers croissant with jam or bagel and fruit cream cheese. I also freeze yogurt tubes for them to take. (better than popsicles)

C. H. Green said...

I loved this post. It sounded so much like what my son would do. And as much as it makes me cringe to return to school, I love having lunch with my son. I also love getting to walk out that front door when it's over. LOL.

Andrea said...

Sooooo cute!!! She remembered that lunch 3 days later! I think my boys would have forgotten. I'm just not organized enough to do cold lunch, always running late all the time. The only day Owen has cold lunch is on sloppy joe day. He just doesn't like them. Too messy for him I guess.

amy flege said...

oh how cute is that.. so sweet! :)