Friday, May 12, 2006

Things that made me smile today

Somedays I go through life and don't really appreciate the things that make me smile... so today, I decided to take notice of them.

1. A hot shower. There is something wierd and messed up with our crazy water heater. So, it's like winning the lottery if you are the one who gets to take a hot shower. I won the lottery this morning!

2. My garage sale purchase. I bought four brown pillows at a garage sale today for a buck. They match my house great! I love a good buy at a garage sale.

3. coffee. Of course. But, I must say that I might be able to admit that I make pretty close to the best coffee in town. Since we have no starbucks in our city, I'm pretty sure I would win that. A good pot of coffee just makes me happy!

4. my new umbrella. It was raining today so I had to run to Wal-mart and buy an umbrella so I didn't get wet. My old one was broken and had to be trashed. My new one - $3.96. And it is awesome!

5. 3:00 - that's what time I get off work. 3:00 always makes me happy.


Heth said...

You DO make the best cup of coffee in town, but......

This morning I had a reeeeeally good one from a little coffee shop in a nearby town. (how elusive is that?!)

Cookies and Cream with a little cream and sugar. You would have died. I promise.

Great list.

Natalie Joy said...

All wonderful things, but I will challenge you on that best cup of coffee in town thing. Bring it!

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

I love Garage Sales....I haven't tried your coffee....but I looooovee garage sales. Last weekend I went to one and got tons of Halloween and easter Decorations for $1.50....swwwweeet!!!!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Umbrella! I should have smiled this it continued raining ALL weekend! I carried my umbrella to my daughter's college graduation...and grumbled because of the weather! I should have smiled! Thanks for the reminder!


meLanie said...

you made me smile today!!

Beefy said...

Okay, you can't make a statement about coffee like that and expect the whole shloo of pbloggers to show up at your door! Or ... at least just me.

And I'd like to buy those pillows from you for 2 bucks - double the profit and I NEED pillows for my front room. Brown would be nice.