Friday, February 29, 2008


As I sit at my computer, with a steamy hot cup of coffee, early in the morning, amazed and flabbergasted that school is (once again) cancelled due to weather, my thoughts drift to a faraway land...

A land where snow drifts and blizzards do not exist. A land where ice only comes in small cubes in a tall glass. A land where slipping and sliding occur only on a long thin piece of plastic in the backyard.

Yes, I am dreaming of summer. Not spring. Skip that. Just go straight to summer.

The flower catalogs have begun... full stream ahead. I gaze at the lovely butterfly bushes, the new green envy coneflower, the mounds of hardy primrose, and dream of digging in the dirt and cool thunderstorms and the light dew early in the morning. I dream of sipping lemonade on the deck late in the evening and watching shooting stars from the hot tub at midnight.

All of the best things about summer compared against the dismal light of late winter is hardly fair, I know. But isn't that how we are? We compare our worst qualities against the best of another and see how we never measure up? Or our best qualities with the worst of another and think how lucky we are that we aren't (egads!) them?

Romans chapter 3 says all have sinned and fall short of God's glory. And yet... he loves us, he died for us, he cares about us.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall.... he loves you and me today. Our hearts should leap for joy at his love.


Diana said...

Must be the day for it, I was just thanking God this morning for the beautiful seasons we get to enjoy. Followed by a little telling the weather what to do since we have to make a trip to Minneapolis this weekend to get our son from college!

Heth said...

Oooh, good perspective T! That comparing bit is so true.

Tell me more about this "green envy" coneflower! Sounds gorgeous.

His Girl said...

what a great post. totally representative of why I keep coming back for more.... beautiful!