Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Snow Day

Snow Snow Snow. I really think we have had a record this winter. I tried to prove it, but didn't spend too much time searching for it. So, I'm just believing we have.

Abbie came home sick from her weekend youth retreat. I was going post a picture of her on here for posterity's sake, but decided that if it were ME, I wouldn't want that. So, I'll be nice. She's quarantined to the guest bedroom... and I'm taking her water and tylenol and ibuprofen every couple of hours... giving her a few crackers and nibbles when she's awake (which isn't much)... and praying for her to get better soon (which she isn't at all, so I think we will be heading to the doctor in the morning).

Since there was so much snow outside, and blizzard conditions... we had a Church Snow Day. So, we spent the afternoon in the basement cleaning and organizing, and listening to cheezy 80s tunes. Somewhere in the middle of the cd collection, Emily found this cd. She knew all the words to it (HOW, I don't know). I have never heard of them before. She was dancing around and having a good time. I don't was not working for me. Kind of a cross between Stryper and Meatloaf in a wierd sort of way. Visions of leather pants and mullets were floating through my mind for hours.

Now, we're off to participate in our church's 40-days of prayer and fasting. (In our living room) A family-kind of kid-friendly fast. We're skipping supper and eating popcorn and praying together for an hour or so.

Happy Snow Day Sunday!


Diana said...

Tina, I love your "family friendly" fast idea. What a cool idea!

momzie said...

Get well soon, Abbie!! So sorry you got sick after Breakaway. Praying you will be your perky, fun self soon again.
Mariah is coughing, feeling yucky and drinking lots of tea.
What a great day to have another snow day!

Ann said...

Pat that the Rock in Prevention guy? One of his songs goes, "Hey Hey what do you say? Will you sing out your part? Hey Hey what do you say? Will you sing out Luh-huh-huh-huh-huv."

Is that it? I remember that from my teaching days.

PJ said...

They're telling us we've had record snow this year -- and we didn't get a real blizzard on Sunday -- just rain!! We have snow today. We usually have Bible Study and Kids High Point on Tuesday night. Of the last 4 Tuesdays we've had ONE that we have not had to cancel due to weather!!! Fortunately, Sunday was Okay. Not wonderful, but okay.