Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Skippy!

It's Skippy's birthday.
He is 45 today.

I wonder if he will mind me spewing his age all over the internet.

We bought him some gifts. And, even though I really wanted to, I did NOT get him the personalized bobble head.

He had a bad start for the day. First thing in the morning, he went to go renew his drivers license, and he got a speeding ticket on the way. ouch. first one in 10 years or more.

But, I took him out to lunch and then bought him some steaks for dinner.

AND... I made him this really sweet tangy tart yummy key lime torte birthday cake. yes. I. did.

When you're 45, birthdays aren't like they were when you were 8. But, they are still pretty special.

To the most adorable, honorable, loving, kind, caring, soft-hearted, generous man I know: happy birthday babe. I love you.


Heth said...


meLanie said...

Happy Birthday Shawn, uh Skippy! Hope that you had a great one!!

Ann said...

Happy belated birthday to your husband!

momzie said...

You forgot creative in your list! What an amazing talent he has for making the videos at church.
And the key lime dessert??? That's an advantage over an 8 year old birthday- only appreciated by the mature palate.
Happy Birthday three days late- we all think you're great!