Saturday, February 09, 2008

college students

There is nothing like a call from your college student who says "hey mom and dad, is it okay if I come home for a weekend and bring some friends?" and then shows up with 20 of her closest friends....

Haleigh brought her college group worship team retreat to our house this weekend. It's been a lot of fun having a group of young people and all the energy they bring.

I hid away for a little while this morning as they were in the basement during a worship time... playing fabulous worship music ... and I was completely blessed.

I thought about what the weekend means to most 21 and 22 year old college students, and what many young people this age spend their free time doing. And I was blessed again.

I thank God that my college girls have found strong Christian relationships in these college years with friends who love the Lord and desire to serve Him whole-heartedly and to be used by Him with their time, treasure, and talents.


PJ said...

What a blessing! Weekends like this makes you know just how worthwhile it is to be a parent!!

His Girl said...

this? this is what i dream of.

that came from faithfulness & hard work, and by the grace of God.

what an inspiration for me!

Ann said...

That is awesome! I completely agree with PJ and HG.

Heth said...

Your house is a fun house to come to. You guys a so fun and hospitable, I'm sure they were all blessed!